Discover the 4 main poker modalities

Poker is one of the most played card games in the world. And one of the reasons that help to popularize it is precisely its variety of ways to play. So, with some poker modes being easy and simple to understand, it is no accident that this game attracts thousands of new fans every year. Likewise, other modalities (more complex and with different rules) also help to turn good players into lovers of this game. That is why, in today’s article, we will present the 4 main existing modalities.

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Texas Hold’em

This is the most popular among idn poker online modalities. It is present in the majority of the great world tournaments. With simple and easy rules, the game allows thousands of strategies and numerous tactics, making the matches more disputed and interesting.  Texas Hold’em bets are placed at each start of the round and can be played on the No-Limit or Fixed-Limit system.


Omaha is another type of Hold’em, but with small differences. And like Texas, it can be practiced between two to ten people at each table. It also has four betting rounds, however, what changes is that players receive four cards in the hand and need to play their game with two combined, with three cards that are turned over on the table.

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Seven Card Stud

Card Stud, or Seven Card Stud, has some major differences in the way it is played compared to the Hold’em model. It is usually played with Fixed-Limit. Each player receives seven cards, and there are no more community cards on the table. At the beginning of the game, each player receives two closed cards and one open. Whoever leaves with the lowest value card makes the mandatory bet, known as bring in.

Five Card Draw

Also known as Closed Poker, Five Card Draw is a simpler form, in which each player receives five closed cards. Then the betting rounds take place. After the initial rounds, players can exchange a card (if they wish). Card Draw has other game variations, such as:  Triple Draw 2-7 and Lowball.

More poker variations

Poker is an unlimited game and has some variations that are specific to some regions –

  • Joker Poker – This variant of poker is common in Closed Poker, where a wildcard is added to normal cards, which will assume the value of any card.
  • Poker Misery – Poker Misery is not exactly a variant of poker. In this game, the order of values ​​of the games is reversed, always winning who has the worst hand.
  • Poker High Low – The most played version of this variant (especially in Mixed Games tournaments) is Omaha Hi / Lo. This game is similar to Misery Poker, but the pot is divided into two: one for the highest game and one for the smallest game.

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