How do we select the right games to bet?


To make a good selection of the matches to bet, we must first start by choosing the championships with which we are familiar. That is to say the championships of which we know relatively well the teams which compose them. Why ? On the one hand because you will limit the risk of failure. Known championships are easier to wager than exotic championships. If we take football as an example, it is easier to bet in the Premier League or the Liga rather than betting in the Latvian or Japanese championship. Likewise, for basketball fans, the NBA will be favored over other championships. And on the other hand, when you follow a particular championship every weekend, it will be easier for you to conduct a good analysis and therefore to win your sports 토토먹튀 bet.

Our advice: focus your efforts on the biggest championships. Here are 3 reasons among many others:

We find the most publicized teams there: these are the clubs that we talk about the most in the press and from which we can get the most information.

There are more matches: the major championship teams are the teams that generally play the most matches during the season (notably thanks to the European Cups for football, basketball, rugby, etc.)

You can see the biggest players playing there: the big championship teams have the best players on the planet that all bettors know

When you have applied this first tip, all you have to do is select the right games to bet. You simply have to take into account the same advice as before, that is to say bet on matches where you know the two teams rather well or at least one of the two . For example, it would not be wise to bet money on a team that we have never seen played once or even on a team little known to the general public. Again, if you regularly follow a particular team, whether it is “very well known” or “little known”, you will have more chances of winning your bet.

Our advice: rather favor the big stables of the big championships which we talk about a lot in the media and about which we have a lot of information.

Test this other tactic for the selection of your sports bets

Here is another tactic that can pay off: the objective is to follow a team match after match (watching it play each time), then to bet on the matches of this same team when it is judged to have enough information to do so. Obviously always take into account the opponent to limit errors. This technique can be beneficial in the long term because you will know almost everything about the team in question (its state of form, its motivation, its level of play, the absent ones…). Thus, you will have more chances of avoiding the traps and therefore of winning your bets.

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