Looking for the Smart Betting Options


Among the bettors and this type of bet is very popular, namely Over / Under 2.5 goals, practically through this type of bet it is bet if Under 2.5 goals will be scored (0, 1 or 2 goals maximum) or Over 2.5 goals (3, 4, 5 goals). This type of bet knows several versions, namely Over / Under 0.5 goals, Over / Under 1.5 goals, etc.

Both teams to score – This type of bet is very easy to understand, ie it is bet whether in a game both teams will score or not. Usually the odds for this type of bet are around 1.90.

Scorers – You can bet on the name of the player who will score a goal, usually for players like Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo the odds are quite low, namely 1.20 – 1.25.

Asian Handicap – In order to balance 은꼴 odds, bookmakers offer this type of bet, which in general could be that “Some teams start with an advantage or disadvantage of goals over the other team.” For example, in a Real Madrid – Sporting Gijon match, the Real Madrid team has a handicap of – 3.0 and the odds are 2.00, Sporting Gijon has an Asian handicap of +3.0 and the odds are 1,925.

Corners – Corner bets are quite fun and with a little luck can bring good winnings but they are only guided by luck so there is not much science in the corner bet. Usually the number of corners on which to bet is Under / Over 11.5 corners and the odds are around 1.90.

In principle, these are about the most important types of bets, as I said before, important matches are available over 100 types of bets.

Asian Handicap

Many beginner bettors have problems at first in understanding this term Asian Handicap, due to this problem we present below an explanation for each type of Asian Handicap found in the offer of bookmakers.

For a start, you should know that the Asian Handicap has the role of balancing a match in which a team is much more valuable than its opponent.

Handicap 0: This handicap 0 has the role of eliminating the risk of losing a bet in case of a tie, and the bet on a team handicap 0 means that the bet is winning if the team wins that match. In case of a tie, the bet is returned.

Handicap +0.25: The bet is declared the winner if the team that bet Handicap +0.25 wins the match. In case of a tie, half of the stake is returned to the bettor and the other half is declared the winner.


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