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Which betting formula should be favored between the single bet and the combined bet ? Which of the 2 will allow you to be profitable in the long term? This is a question that many punters ask themselves and it is normal. The answer to this question is obviously complex, but we will try to give you some clues. We will start by seeing what are the advantages and disadvantages of single and combined 먹튀검증업체 bets. Then, we will reveal our survey to find out which of these 2 types of bets is the most profitable. And finally, we will share some tips to increase your chances of winning your bets.

Its Issues:

Less significant gains: in general, the odds for single bets are lower than those for combined bets. Therefore, if there are winnings, they too will be lower.

Stronger risk taking on odds: as the winnings are lower on a single bet, we might tend to choose a bet with slightly higher odds and therefore more risky. All this in order to win more than one shot.

Combined bet

Its advantages:

Bigger wins: inevitably, if you combine 5 odds of at 1.50 between them, the final odds will be higher than a simple single bet rated at 1.50. So the potential gains are much more attractive.

Low odds to minimize the risk: in fact, this betting formula allows you to combine several fairly low odds (and therefore less risky) to obtain a higher final odds. This also maximizes the gains. 

Its Issues:

Greater risk-taking: that goes without saying, the more selections there are, the greater the risk of your bet failing.

More excitement: when you make a big combination bet, you tend to want to try the same thing several times. And it is very often there that we lose most often.

No more frustration: by combining several games between them, most of the time, our bet is losing because of a single game and it’s very frustrating.

But which of the two is the most profitable?

  • Well, at first glance, this is a difficult question to answer. Indeed, some bettors will manage to get more profitability with single bets and vice versa.
  • However, we conducted the survey directly on our site and the results are quite interesting.
  • We selected tipsters, which enabled us to gather information on more than 1,000 single bets and more than 500 combined bets over 3 months.

Out of just over 1,000 single bets, around 54% of them were winners. For combined bets, only 34% of them proved to be fair. It is therefore a first indication that there is a greater chance of winning your single bet rather than your handset. And it is completely logical because the risk taking is higher concerning combined bets (cf. 1st part of the article). But beware, this does not mean that single bets are more profitable than combined bets. For our survey, the best indicator will be the ROI (return on investment).


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