The Essential Options for Hockey bets

In NHL matches it offers over 100 bets for each match. The offer for KHL matches does not look bad either, with around 90 bets for each match.

Basketball betting

At NBA games there are around 65-70 betting options available for each game. It also offers good coverage for matches in the top European leagues, with about 70 bets per match, in some situations even more.

Betting systems

In addition to 안전 놀이터 single bets and multiple bets, you also have the ability to play systems. In addition, you can play base tickets. To play such a ticket, you must activate the “Banker” field in the upper left corner of the betting coupon. Then, to choose a forecast as the base, you must press the “B” sign next to it. You can select more bases. Finally, you need to choose the system with which you want to combine the basics.

Special options

“Cash out” or the “Close Bet” option – you can close both multiple and single bets, regardless of whether they are live or pre-match. The option is not available for all bets placed, but in most cases you have this option at hand.

Live betting offer – good

  • Although there are inconveniences, this bookmaker is also the leader in terms of live betting.
  • Find out which are the best bookmakers in terms of live betting offer, but also the position of the bookmaker in this hierarchy by accessing the rating of online bookmakers based on the live betting offer.
  • The Live Betting Console is a very easy to use one. The live betting offer is approximately similar to the pre-match betting offer, although sometimes it is possible that some less important matches are missing from the live betting offer. In tennis, the live betting offer is modest.

Live broadcasts

The live broadcast of the selected sports events through Unibet TV is free, you only need to have money in your account and you have made a bet during the last 24 hours. The normal delay is less than 10 seconds (similar to live TV broadcasts). About 10,000 events are broadcast per year. If you bet especially on tennis, it is good to know that the number of matches broadcast in this sport is small.If your favorite sport is tennis, we recommend that you go to another bookmaker.

Graphics and statistics

While betting live you can check the statistics of the match, but you do not have a graphical representation of the match.

Unibet Live Betting Calendar

You also have a calendar of live events where you can check which events will be available for live betting depending on the day or sport.

Option to add to favorites

If you are only interested in certain matches, you can mark them so that you always have them in the plan.

Special options

“Cash out” or “Close bet” option, this option will allow you to close the bet before all events on your ticket have been settled. The Close Bet option is available for both single and multiple bets. Withdrawn winnings are available immediately

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