The Tightest Super Bowl Odds Ever

Never before have we seen four teams so evenly matched that their odds of winning the Super Bowl were all almost identical.

As you may know by now, there are just four teams left in the hunt of the Lombardi Trophy. It was an exciting weekend of football and all of the favorites took care of business, except for the Buffalo Bills. They lost straight up to the Cincinnati Bengals.

As a result we have something that we have never before seen: All four teams are about equal odds to win the  Super Bowl. According to online sportsbooks the odds look like this:

Kansas City Chiefs +250

Cincinnati Bengals +255

Philadelphia Eagles +265

San Francisco 49ers +275

The most interesting part of this lineup is that San Francisco is probably the best team among them at the moment. However, they are the lowest listed odds because they have to travel clear across the country and play in front of Philly fans, who are the most abrasive in the NFL, and it’s not even a debate.

Even though we are seeing a lot of the usual suspects play in the final four of football, there is much excitement around the NFL fan base because of how these teams matchup.

If you are a person who roots for the underdog then the Bengals are your team. They have never won it all despite a few appearances back in the 80’s and last year of course. Burrow is the man of steel and it would be fun to see him hoist the trophy. But he must go to Kansas City and play in a place that is very loud and antagonistic against visiting teams.

We are thinking the Super Bowl will feature KC vs San Francisco. This would be a rematch of Super Bowl 54, a game which KC won 31-20.

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