Which online casino games offer the best payouts and entertainment?

With hundreds of games to choose from at the top casino sites today, it is tricky to decide where to invest your bankroll. Some titles provide better winning potential, while others focus more on entertainment.


Classic and video slots remain player favorites for accessibility and big jackpot potential. Spin the reels and hope matching symbols land on the winning line. Payout percentages vary dramatically between games, but RTPs of 95% plus are common. Therefore, the average loss is just 5% of total wagers. Although volatile, slots provide hours of laidback entertainment punctuated by celebratory wins. Popular varieties like Starburst or Gonzo’s Quest keep things straightforward with modest jackpots. However, network progressives from Microgaming and NetEnt offer life-changing prizes worth millions from a single spin. Branded blockbuster slots like Game of Thrones bring pop culture icons to life. Although not the highest-paying genre overall, slots deliver streaming visuals, soundtracks, and gripping features like bonus rounds, free spin triggers, and prize multipliers.


For those willing to study basic strategy, blackjack offers the lowest house edge against players across all casino staples. Correct play drops the built-in advantage down to 0.5% depending on specific rules. While requiring greater effort to learn than slots or roulette, blackjack enables skilled gamblers to gain an edge against time. The classic head-to-head concept pits your cards against the dealer with the higher hand but no higher than 21 wins. Endless variations keep games exciting, popular options like Atlantic City Blackjack allowing late surrendering. VIP high roller titles present the optimal rules to flatten the house edge further. Those preferring a relaxed pace check live dealer platforms too, interacting with real croupiers in real time.


Synonymous with casino chic, roulette offers an icon x fun experience that often features in movies. Players predict where the ball lands across a numbered wheel colored red and black. It creates plenty of betting variety despite purely random outcomes deciding every spin. While statistically the worst choice for RTP, roulette presents good short-term profit potential from smart bet placement. Wagers on individual numbers offer 35:1 payouts but just a 2.7% chance of winning. Yet covering half the wheel only lowers the odds to 48:1 for hitting one of 18 numbers. It’s a much better value percentage-wise. American roulette lowers RTPs below European and French alternatives too by adding extra zeros.

Three card poker

Also playable against real dealers, Three Card Poker makes for a thrilling table diversion between other games. Hands are just three cards dealt to you and the house, with your highest-ranking poker combination winning. However, an optional side bet also allows betting on being dealt certain hands like straights or suited triples. This ante bet pays huge money despite requiring no skill whatsoever. The main game has a high RTP despite the poor odds on the side bet. Still, hitting premium hands like a mini-royal flush typically delivers a generous 1,000:1 payout. Three Card Poker is easy to learn and offers social dynamics and lively action from antagonizing the dealer.

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