5 Online Games That You Can Enjoy With Your Friends    

The popularity of smartphones has made gaming a much more specialized pastime which is nowadays accessible to practically everyone. Meanwhile, playing alone might get boring sometimes, so why try it with some friends? The top online games for friends to play are listed below:  

PUBG: Battlegrounds  

PUBG: Battlegrounds is one of the most well-known online multiplayer games ever. It is a trailblazing game that primarily popularized the idea of “Battle Royale” games. As a result, in battle royale games, your team of three buddies and 96 other players arrive on an empty virtual island. The idea is entertaining, and players from all over the world adore ad it. PUBG has thrived on every platform, including Desktop and mobile gaming. You can enjoy this game with your friends and can turn your boring hours into some fun hours.  


One of the original battle royale games, Fortnite, is adored by players all around the world. It resembles popular battle royale games like PUBG and Apex Legends. Now you may join forces with three of your pals and enter the fray for some exceptional gunfights. This game’s gameplay idea is comparable to that of Minecraft, another hugely popular multiplayer game. Hence, you and your friends should definitely check out Fortnite if you enjoy the battle royale genre and the idea behind Minecraft.  

Online casino  

 It is entirely up to you that on which direction you want to continue with online gambling because it is ideal for solo and group activities. Online casinos are a great way to unwind by yourself or with companions. The best thing about online gambling is that practically any game can be played either alone or in a group. You need to ensure that the modern casino you choose must include as many features and functionalities as possible. It is a matter of game creation and design. A single-player and a multiplayer option have so come to be considered standard in online gambling. The best casino games to play with friends include games like poker, baccarat, and slot, which you will enjoy a lot, and along with it, you can also get a chance to earn money. 


Minecraft will be your preferred game if you enjoy creating virtual worlds from nothing. But you can add your pals and invite them to the pixelated world for some fun if you ever feel lonely in your Minecraft world. However, it is important to note that there are some technical requirements for using Minecraft’s multiplayer feature. You can now do a lot of things with your pals once you set it up and invite them to the Minecraft universe. Together, you guys may build structures, mine for resources, and even fight against spiders, skeletons, and virtual monsters. Hence, go ahead and join the world of Minecraft with your buddies for some age-appropriate fun.  

League of Legends  

The multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre of video games includes some of the most well-known multiplayer games, including League of Legends. When you get the hang of it, there won’t be anything finer for you and your pals to enjoy, despite the fact that it is complicated and could be challenging to understand if you are playing for the first time.  

You can assemble a five-person squad with the help of your pals, join a virtual map where you’ll face off against another team like it, and engage in combat there. The ever-expanding pool of League of Legends characters allows you and your allies to pick your Champions from it and deftly dispatch your adversaries on the battlefield.  


Whether it’s a weekend or a house party, you and your friends are getting bored or confused about how to make the day more enjoyable. You can try the above-mentioned games and enjoy your day.

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