Basics of Poker

Basics of Poker: A Guide To Poker For Beginners

The rapid growth of online poker – in popularity and influence – across the far reaches of the globe has made a significant contribution in it being one of the most recognized card games all over the world. However, there is a need to understand how this game is played.

Are you a beginner who has been grappling with the basics of Poker, but you have a great interest in it? If so, this article is aimed at providing you a deep insight into all you need to know about poker games and how to make certain informed decisions. Then, once you’ve gotten the grips on how this game works, you will be motivated to play this amazing card game.

Playing Poker Online: Real Money vs Free Poker

Many online casinos present their players with a wide selection of poker games, ranging from five-card draw to the popular Texas hold ’em. With both live dealer and virtual options available, you can either play for real money or for free.

Real Money Poker

When you play for real money, you play against computer or compete in tournaments against professional dealers.


  • You stand a chance to win a significant sum of money if you get lucky or play the game well
  • There are bonuses and promotions you can use while you play
  • Provides a platform to test a player’s skills and attitude under pressure


  • When you play a bad game, you might lose your money
  • Some variants are obscure and might not have as many tables as appropriate

Free Poker

When you play a poker game for free, you enjoy the game without the risk of losing your money and without any real money win.


  • Provides a safe environment in which you can hone your skills
  • You can acquaint yourself with several variants
  • You can enjoy the game without pressure and probably making some friends in the process


  • No chance of real-money winnings except for free-roll tournaments
  • Since no cash is involved, the true character or skills of players can never be truly determined

What are freerolls in poker?

These are poker tournaments that are free for players to enter but present a real money prize pool. In other words, they require no entry fee or buy-in, while offering cash prizes.

How do you select the best online poker room?

To get the best experience. It is important to select the right online poker room. As a result, some of the features to look out for are introduced as follows:

A great selection of games and tournaments

The best online poker rooms will offer their players a wide range of games and tournaments, with a variety of buy-ins that make it possible for players to participate.


You must be sure that the poker room has a strong reputation for fairness in games. When the odds are not fairly stacked, that raises a red flag. So, you ensure you do proper research on how trustworthy the room is.

Bonuses and freerolls

These can significantly contribute to padding your bankroll and helping you stay in the game for long. So, look out for sites that offer these, for both new and existing players in abundance. For instance, some sites such as bet365 offer amazing bonuses. However, a bet365 bonus code no deposit must be used to activate these bonuses.

Good payment methods

Top poker rooms always ensure that their players can make fast and smooth transactions and secure their payout after landing a cash prize.

Mobile Apps

Smartphones have become popular in recent times and this has allowed people to conduct their affairs on the go. As a result, a good poker room must offer an app that can be supported by Android and iOS devices. Also, the apps must be clean and easy to navigate.

Important poker tips

There are no “correct” strategies that can guarantee winning in a poker room. However, there are tips that can improve your chances of winning. Some of these are explained below:

Study your opponents carefully

You play people in online poker – and not the cards. Even though physical expressions and tells are impossible in online poker, you can always note the betting habits of your opponents.

Hone your skills by playing for free

Before you start playing poker for real money, ensure that you are familiar with the tricks of the game – through free Poker play.

Increase your winnings and play volume through multi-table

Folding is something players do a lot. Playing at multiple tables will prevent boredom. However, do not take on too many at once.

Besides these tips discussed above, if you are lucky enough in freeroll tournaments, you stand the chance of winning a cash prize.


Online poker has achieved global recognition, thanks to some good features. However, if you are a beginner and you are looking to win real money while having fun, you must acquaint yourself with the fundamentals of the game.