Everything You Need to Know About Singapore Pools Lottery

Singapore Pools is an organization that operates the Singapore State Lottery and is owned by the government of Singapore. Their website offers a wide variety of bettings services from lottery, horse race betting, sports betting and Toto lottery. 

State lottery and horse race betting are the only two gambling activities allowed in Singapore. These two gambling activities are operated by the government as an alternative to the need for land based casino gambling. 

The Singapore lottery was established on May 23rd of 1968, as a response to increasing illegal gambling activities in the country at that time. 

SGPools Toto

Singapore Toto is a traditional lottery that is played in SG Pools, it is a 6-number draw style lottery unlike the lottery that we all know about. The jackpot prize for Singapore Toto starts with S$ 1 million and the jackpot pool increases when the winning combination is not hit.

How does it work?

Toto Singapore utilizes a system called 6/49 where the combination is being pulled out of the numbers from 1 to 49. The combination is typically 6 main numbers, an additional number is drawn from the remaining pool of numbers not selected.

If your ticket hits all of the winning 6 number combinations, you will be considered as the jackpot winner. If many ticket holders successfully hit the winning combinations, the additional number drawn will serve as a determinant which one will land on the prize levels of 2, 4 and 6 of Singapore Toto.

Who can play Toto?

Because of the prohibition of the government to legalize casino gambling, many players rely on state lottery instead. In Toto, anyone is allowed to play as long as the player is right of age. You can purchase the tickets at the certified retail ticket outlets nationwide.

For people outside of Singapore wishing to play Toto, one should follow the guidelines in purchasing tickets online. Only buy tickets in eligible sites that are recognized by the Singaporean government. 

Singapore Toto Results

The Toto Singapore is always drawn every Monday and Thursday at 6:30pm by Singapore Pools. Aside from the airing of the live draw on television, one can also see the results of the Toto lottery draw on the official retail ticket outlets in the country.

Traditional Lottery

Aside from Toto, SG Pools also draws a traditional lottery where it is also held twice a week. The government of Singapore is very strict when it comes to illegal online gambling, however the Singapore Pools is the only exception as it is state-owned and it is the only legal betting platform in the country.

Sports Betting 

Aside from Toto and Lottery, the platform also offers sports betting, the most popular is football betting which is one of the services that is a favorite among Singaporean punters. Due to the popularity of the sport of football worldwide, SG Pools is a platform where Singaporeans can have confidence in betting on their favorite football clubs. 

Horserace Betting

Horserace betting is also one of the popular gambling activities in the country. While state lottery is favored mostly by the dominant Han Chinese residents, horse race betting is very popular among the Malay citizens where it reflects the traditional Southeast Asian roots. 


Singapore Pools is a state-owned company that is the only official gambing operator in the country. As many Singaporeans have grown accustomed to the services that SGPools are offering, it is no surprise that the Singaporean gambling industry will thrive in the future. 

With the emerging technologies that are rising in every corner of the world, the industry of gambling will continue to evolve as time passes. It is only a matter of time before the Singaporean society will fully embrace the advantages of this industry when it comes to the increase in revenue that it can provide for the country.

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