Fixed Matches and the Sports betting Options

Fixed Match is a term in sports betting that means manipulated games, bought games. This means that the result of the game is already “settled” and then people place bets on it.

  • Except that this actually violates the rules of any legal bookmaker and often violates the law as well. Thus, you can have your account suspended from a website and in a place where there are severe laws you can even stop behind bars.
  • Some people are looking for a fixed match because they want to make money safely. But in order for you to make money this way, it is necessary to pay for this information.
  • There are people who work “hitting” results out there, they are known as match fixers .
  • A well-known match fixer, Wilson Raj Perumal, interviewed CNN and said he had handled about 80 to 100 football scores.

“I never counted, but I think it should be between 80-100 football games”

He bet his money on a result, his customers did the same and from the reserve bank he controlled some matches. “I was on the bench telling the players what to do, giving orders to the coach. It was so easy and there was no policing. ”

He manipulated more than 80 games, other people manipulated more games, and so things happened. In 2017, FIFA canceled matches in the Africa Playoffs for result manipulation .

  • Let’s not be naive, there is this practice in football and even some experts warned about it in the Russian Cup, the largest football event in the world.
  • Result manipulation is not a new practice. She is old and has made many people make money. But don’t be fooled by it, don’t be criminalized by it.

In social networks people are advertising in facebook groups and whatapp groups that have “inside information”, that means the result is right. In case of 메이저사이트 site this is important.

To have access to this information you will have to pay for it, nothing is free, but then sometimes the first problem comes. You pay for inside information, but the person gives the information and the result does not happen. You lose the money paid to the match fixer and also the money wagered.

Another problem is that you pay believing that you bought the right result, but in the end the person had no information and blocked it from your contact list, leaving you injured.

This inside information on social networks serves to steal your money. I don’t know where to find match fixers, but I know they don’t appear on facebook selling bets for R $ 50 reais.

How to know if a match is handled?

In order to know if a game is manipulated the person has to be aware of what is happening. When two teams with similar results face each other, it is normal that the value of the home team’s odd is not very different from the visiting team. 

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