Pick Your Lucky United Kingdom 49s Lunch 6/49 Numbers on YesPlay.bet and Stand a Chance to Win a Huge Payout

The history of United Kingdom 49s Lunch 6/49 goes back a few decades. Over the years, the popularity of this British lottery game has been rising steadily, spanning new countries and continents. Although the game is available to punters in South Africa, they cannot participate in its draws directly and, instead, have to bet on the outcomes of the lottery via trusted online gambling platforms like YesPlay.bet. This betting system, called Lucky Numbers, is the only way South African gamblers can participate in hundreds of foreign lotteries.

What Is Lucky Numbers Betting?

Because Lucky Numbers betting is based on fixed odds rather than the pari-mutuel wagering model, your possible payout is known when you place your bet, not after the draw is finished. You can change the amount winnable by betting a larger sum or adding side bets. While it means that no grand jackpots are to be won, such a betting format gives much more confidence to players who prefer to know for sure how much money they can win and be certain that the sum will not change no matter how many other players pick the same numbers and qualify for a prize.

Here are some of the benefits of playing Lucky Numbers with a reputable and trusted South African bookmaker such as YesPlay.bet:

  • You get instant access to hundreds of unique and fun foreign lotto games.
  • You can bet on as many numbers as you like within the limit set by the game rules – the more numbers you pick and match, the bigger the payout.
  • You can make additional or separate bets on other exciting markets like Odd/Even balls, Lowest and Highest balls, Divisible numbers, etc.

How to Play UK 49s Lunch at YesPlay.bet?

The UK 49s lottery is a draw that takes place twice daily – at noon (Lunchtime) and in the evening (Teatime). In each draw, six main numbers and a Booster ball are selected randomly from the range of 1 to 49. When betting with YesPlay, players can choose to include between 1 and 6 balls into their bet. The payout is due to those who match all their chosen numbers with the ones drawn.

To play UK 49s Lunch at YesPlay, do the following:

  1. Sign up with YesPlay.bet and verify your account.
  2. Add sufficient funds to your balance to cover at least one UK 49s bet.
  3. Go to https://yesplay.bet/lucky-numbers/uk_49s_lunch and pick your lucky numbers.
  4. Submit your ticket and wait for the draw to finish to see if your bet has won.

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