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Everyone has come into contact with a bet in some way. Either he made a bet himself or heard about a bet from others. Betting is a kind of human instinct and runs in people’s blood. Even in ancient times, people made bets on their favorites, especially in connection with sporting events.

The basic principle of a bet has hardly changed over the millennia: two parties conclude an agreement in oral or written form and bet on a certain event. The one who correctly predicts the outcome wins. The most popular bets nowadays are made in football by those who like to bet. Many of them guess their gut feeling and make long-term losses. Valuable tips and tricks help to successfully place bets in football in the future.

Before you bet: a serious bankroll and well thought-out money management

A solid financial situation is the basis for placing larger bets with a betting company. In the worst case scenario, a player has to live with losing all of his capital. Only money that is not needed for other important expenses is eligible for this. Especially at the beginning it is important not to have too high expectations of your own chances of winning. Beginners should first have an individual bankroll and use capital that you will not need otherwise in the coming months. The next step is to work out a detailed “financial plan”, which is rather a financial concept for the upcoming bets. This is accompanied by accurate bookkeeping, which shows the winnings and losses of every bet. In this way, sports bettors keep an overview and, if they have enough time, create statistics on their own bets. 

Favorites are not always trumps

It is not advisable to give the favorites the greatest chance in every game at the Situs Bola. Football is an unpredictable, historically significant one and dynamic sport, in which teams that are inferior or that have been judged worse by the general public have a chance of turning the game in their favor. The bookmakers are familiar with the principles and automatically assign lower betting odds for the top teams. It makes sense to decide on a happy medium and sometimes on the favorite, sometimes on the non-favored team.

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