What are the poker etiquettes you must follow while playing the game

When you sit in the poker room even online, you have to follow a few protocols to avoid getting barred from the game. You do not have the freedom to do whatever you want despite you are online. Many online Joinsini poker sites have strict rules that you must follow while gambling on different types of poker games.

Few of the online poker etiquette you must follow:

You must not tap the glass

You should never encourage the bad poker player to take over the game. One thing you can do is to educate the bad player about the rules when they are going against it. If you are furious about the bad player, you must not act rather inform the customer support team. They will take care of those pathetic players. You cannot yell at that person for putting all the money on the weak bet would take a toll on your game, and there are chances of them to play better than you. The last thing that you can do is to sit quietly and let the fish enjoy the game. It is not recommended to show rude behavior towards the player.

Do not talk about the poker hand

You should not talk about the other player’s hand or give some valuable advice on the hands to them. You must let the player decide for a call or fold. If you advise them, it turns out to be unethical. You can do table talk while making a decision. If you have all-in and the other player has to decide whether to call or fold, you can try to talk to them and influence their decision. It is known as leveling and is not unethical in poker.

Do not abuse in the chat

It is on similar lines of not tapping the glass. It is not at all good for your image to behave or be abusive towards the other player. When you upset the player, there are high chances of them to quit and leave the table. This may put you into serious trouble.

Do not give any kind of gesture about the hands you have folded

If you raise a pre-fold with ace5 and then the other player would re-raise you, then the other one may call, and you may decide to give a fold. If you get a flop and give you a strong hand, do not talk about it to anyone in the chat. Once the hand is done, then you can talk about this hand to them openly. When you reveal it before, there are high chances of influencing them in how the hands are played out.

Do not slow roll

It is not at all acceptable in the poker game to do slow rolling. If you assume that you have the best hands and is time to call the opponent players for betting, you must do it as soon as possible

These are a few bad etiquettes that you must not follow while you are playing the poker online.


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