What Contributes To The Unmatched Popularity Of Final Fantasy VII?

Every ardent fan of the Final Fantasy franchise believes that it is the most outstanding RPG series to date. Square Enix developed and published this famous role-playing video game. Apart from spectacular graphics and animation, complicated yet intriguing storylines, as well as memorable characters, make this series popular.

Many avid RPG players enjoy FINAL FANTASY 7 the most because of the heart-warming storytelling, smashing combat techniques, and immersive environment. Here are some more reasons that contribute to the popularity of this role-playing game.

Captivating Theme

Initially, the Final Fantasy series games were all about courageous, noble guys fighting against evils so as to dominate the world. Aside from human identity and psychology-specific questions, the theme of the Final Fantasy VII game sheds light on environmental issues.

Top-Notch Gameplay

Indeed, the gameplay of the seventh edition of the Final Franchise series is excellent. Even hardcore RPG players find it extremely interesting, immersive, and challenging. One of the features of this game makes it stand out, and that is the option to select your game-playing experience. You can opt for simple gameplay if you’re a beginner or stick to the very hardcore format.

FFVII is a Playstation Game

Final Fantasy VII is the very first game in the series that was released, especially for PlayStation. This idea clicked instantly and became a huge success. Since the release of the seventh edition of the Final Fantasy series, Playstation has become the ultimate home for the finest RPGs. The popularity of PlayStation completely contributed to the success of Final Fantasy VII.

Everyone who played FFVII on a Playstation for the first time felt that this game brought a host of refreshing changes. It was the first game in the Final Fantasy franchise in which three-dimensional computer graphics were used, besides wholly rendered characters. Moreover, the cinematic experience and unmistakable soundtrack played a crucial role in making FFVII popular.