What’s the Difference between Slot Machines and VLTs?


There are many similarities between slot machines and Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), such as reels or wheels that spin when you pull a handle or push a button to play your favourite game.

Slot machines and video lottery terminals (VLTs) are two different gaming machines, but they both use the same basic technology to provide the best player experience. 

With the industry of electronic gaming machines snowballing, you need to know the difference between the two so that you know what to expect and what makes them so compelling.

What Are VLTs?

Video lottery terminals (VLTs) are Class II slot machines that use a random number generator and a series of randomly generated symbols to determine the outcome of each play. The game can be played in various ways, including:

  • Single gameplay with a single prize won
  • Multiple gameplay with the chance to win multiple prizes
  • Multiple gameplay with the opportunity to win multiple prizes and one or more progressive jackpots

What are Slot Machines?

Slot machines are electronic devices that allow players to make decisions about the outcome of a game by inserting money into the machine and spinning its reels. They’ve evolved to include many new features that make them even more fun and entertaining.

Modern games use random number generators to determine which symbols appear in which winning combinations. These reels contain a variety of symbols that are activated when they line up vertically or horizontally, allowing the player to win prizes.

Slots are played in bars and pubs across the UK and are hugely popular in the country. You can find them in slot machines at casinos and gaming halls, or you can play them at home on your computer or mobile phone.

Game Design

A VLT game involves multiple players competing for the same prize. Players compete against one another until someone forms winning symbols or numbers. If you have a winning combination on their screen, you’ll hit that jackpot or prizes based on the game.

With the advent of technology such as video lottery terminals (VLTs) in casinos worldwide, it seems like gambling has become easier than ever before. 

Casino sites such as TheBingoOnline.com provide the best playing environment available anywhere in the UK, with fast loading times, responsive design, and a wide range of payment options.

They operate like slot machines but also display images that change in response to player decisions. In addition, VLTs can award prizes based on multiple paytable decisions made during play and offer more opportunities for players to win games.

For Slot machines, each machine is independent of the rest. The games have a built-in reward, so even if you lose your first bet, you can still win more money by playing again.

You determine how much to bet by placing coins or tokens into a receptacle at the front of the machine. The payout of a slot machine depends on how many coins are inserted into the machine, the number of winnings awarded, the number of spins, and other factors.

Prize Sizes

Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs) have a significantly lower return to player (RTP) rate than traditional slot machines. On average, VLTs have an RTP between 85% and 90%, compared to 95% or higher for conventional slot machines.

The VLTs are programmed to pay out prizes based on the amount of money bet on a particular game rather than what symbols appear next in line. 

However, the payout frequency is also significantly different between VLTs and slot machines. In a slot machine, the probability of winning is extremely low compared to VLTs.

There are plenty of new slots sites in the United Kingdom where you can play for free or real money.  If you want more paylines, you should play slots because they offer more opportunities for winning money than VLTs.

Pre-determined Winner

The VLTs are designed to randomly choose one winning bet out of a group of bets. The odds on each bet can vary depending on how many tickets have been sold and how many tickets remain unsold at the start of the draw.

They are a type of lottery in which a player can win a prize by matching any combination of the numbers drawn. The player buys the right to play and can select their numbers or pick one or more sets of random numbers from a “draw.”

The major difference between them is that slot machines have one player going up against the house, while VLTs have multiple players competing against each other.

The slot machine has reels and each with symbols on it. These symbols can be anything from fruits to numbers or letters. When you land on one of these symbols, you will get an opportunity to win money or a prize.

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