Which Teams Can Win the Title in EPL 23/24?

English Premier League (EPL) is the most popular and most-watched football league worldwide. The league features 20 clubs that play a total of 38 games in home and away matches. 

The public’s love for EPL is believed to be rooted in people’s desire for social connection and tribalism. Psychologists claim that many people naturally enjoy being part of a group, and watching their favourite football team play offers a sense of belonging and community. 

That said, sports enthusiasts have been waiting for EPL’s 2023-2024 season commencement. But with some changes in teams, players, and strategies, football fans and bettors cannot wait to see what group will stand victorious this season. 

With Singapore pools EPL odds on the line for bettors, knowing who the groups that may emerge to the championship is necessary. Hence, CM2Bet created an infographic on which teams are more likely to win the title for this season. 

Manchester City is among the groups predicted to lead the Singapore soccer odds for this year’s match. Last year, this team trailed Arsenal to the top spot and was able to win one of their three trophies for the 22/23 season. With the team’s revamped lineup and leadership from their manager, Pep Guardiola, Manchester City is expected to bring home the championship on 23/24. 

But they are not the only predicted team to secure the championship title with Liverpool in the match. While their finish last season was quite underwhelming for some, they remain an excellent contender for this year’s EPL title. 

Arsenal has always been one of the crowd favourites, and with a solid playing style, many expect they will win this year. Their strong showing last season was enough for punters to consider them a threat for the title. 

To close off the list is Manchester United. Despite their slow start in the 22/23 campaign, the team were still able to string up a couple of wins, leading them to finish third. And with the addition of new players to their roster, sports enthusiasts are convinced that the team has a strong chance of winning this year. 

Without a doubt, EPL is among the most anticipated sports events worldwide. And as the season draws to a close, the excitement from both fans and bettors will only continue to grow. 

EPL 23/24: Which Teams Can Win the Title this Season?


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