Fine Choices for the Perfect Tennis betting for You

Then, it is recommended to make a rigorous analysis of the tennis matches on which you wish to bet. This is what we will see in the next section.

Analysis of a tennis match before placing your bets

Tennis match analysis

The surface

The surface is certainly the most important parameter to take into account before betting on a tennis match. Indeed, some players prefer to evolve and are more comfortable on this or that surface. It is therefore possible that a player will be “swept dry” by a player who is however lower ranked because of the surface. In case of the 안전 놀이터 site you can make your trust.

The shape of the moment

It is also a criterion to take into consideration before betting on tennis. Take for example the history of the last 5 games played by a player. Be careful, don’t forget to take a look at the surface on which the match will take place. Obviously, it may not be wise to bet on a player who has not won since ten games (lack of form, etc.).


When we talk about tennis issues, we must refer to the ATP / WTA points to defend. Indeed, each year, the players obtain so many points according to their results and are obliged to defend them the following year. For example, a player who won the Grand Slam of Roland Garros this year will have to win it the following year or risk losing points. It works the same way for smaller tournaments.

The type of player

Certain players have an aggressive game which can destabilize such and such an adversary but which, on the contrary, can not function vis-a-vis such or such other adversary. So you have to think about analyzing the head to head of the 2 players to make the least possible error.

Physical freshness / fatigue

This last point is also very important for knowing how to bet on tennis. A player who has just returned from injury may well lack freshness and physical condition. In the same way, a player who connects the matches and the tournaments could show a stroke of fatigue and be less efficient on the court. Besides, some players keep themselves for certain big tournaments in order to be sharpened physically. This was the case of Roger Federer who skipped Roland Garros 2017 to better prepare for Wimbledon 2017, which he managed to win!

There are many Valuebets

Tennis is a sport where analysis counts a lot and where bookies can sometimes be quite wrong when rating certain players. It is not uncommon, not even at all, to find the best platform.

In short, a Valuebet is a bet on which you believe it is likely to pass despite its fairly high odds. You will understand, this kind of betting is based solely on your judgment and your analysis.


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