Finer Solutions in the Winning of the Sports betting

Now we think the interesting thing about this market is not to analyze anything pre-game, but live, betting that a particular player will receive a card during the game can earn you good money for a few reasons.

  1. The playing time is passing and the odd is increasing;
  2. The player is coming hard on the opponent or has received hard fouls from the same player, this will make him fight back.
  3. The player is nervous and complaining a lot to the referee.
  4. There are players strangling with each other, “grooving”. When this happens the referee usually stops and talks the first time, but the second time he already applies the card. So it’s a good bet that either or both will be yellowed.
  5. There is a history of fight or discussion between two players that goes beyond that match. In this you must be aware.
  6. Favorite : wax. This is usually a bet for goalkeepers. Goalkeepers receive a very high odd to receive a card because they do not participate in the physical game. A goalkeeper receives a card when he makes a violent foul, a foul that precludes a clear chance of an opponent’s goal and when he makes the famous wax. If the goalkeeper of the winning team starts to delay the ball to play, open his eye.

Betting on Cards: Live or Pre-Game?

In my opinion both live검증사이트 betting and pre-card betting have their merits, the important thing is obviously the knowledge you have, and in this market a total knowledge about it can earn you a lot of money, as the houses give statistical importance to him, because they do not know how to filter in most games eccentric factors.

In this market we generally prefer to place live bets, because my knowledge of a football game can put me in front of the house. we can notice tensions between the players and the atmosphere of the game, and that the house may not see (they do not see everything).

Of course, it’s not that simple, you need to know how to filter things, like even the number of people in the stadium and how much crowd pressure is on the refereeing. If the home owners boo a referee too much and he is a home referee, he may be “guided” by these fans and then the card market gains value if his intention is to bet on his opponent’s yellow.

Last Words:

To wrap up, whether live or pre-match, in this market you have to know how to handle emotion far more than statistics. Just keep track of how many cards the referee likes to apply per game, but consider how violent the game is going to be.

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