Is Rummy a Brain Booster or a Brain Drain Game?

All of you know about rummy – the 13 cards game and that it’s a brain game. The game is not novel but has been a part of Indian culture for ages. It has proved useful in the life of people in different scenarios. However, there’re a few who are sceptical of whether the game works as a tonic for players or end up consuming their mind, thus leaving them exhausted. Well, while surfing through various skill games, you may find a few that will bolster your skills, but in the end, will your mind get completely drained. Contrary, rummy is one interesting game that keeps the enthusiasm of players – ongoing. We know the answer would be incomplete till the time, we don’t explain the logic behind the affirmation. So, without consuming your time, let’s help you know why rummy is known as a brain booster game and not a brain drain game.

  1. Firstly, rummy which considered as a skill-based game,teaches you the concept of probability, permutations and combinations. How? When you start sorting out cards to make valid sequences and/or sets, by making practical use of skills, you do constant calculations to get the required cards. Of course, doing so, rummy never lets you go off track and keep your interest in the game, till the end.
  2. Secondly, while looking at your own cards, you also observe and remember opponents’ cards, i.e., what cards they pick and drop to restrain those cards which they might need.Showing such analytical abilitieswhile playing against your opponent continually helps you exercise your memory and keep you refreshed throughout.
  3. Thirdly, is there any game that can help you become a good decision maker? Well, rummy does help you in this case. As a player, you have to be fast in taking decisions by visualising the bad and good in your mind. You will only geta few seconds to plan and make your moves, as your ultimate goal is to quickly meld your cards and declare the game before your opponents.
  4. Also, nowadays, numerous online rummy portals like that of Rummy Passion offers different variants of rummy to play. For instance, if you’re fond of playing a particular variant and after some time, you get bored with it, you can anytime make a switch to another variant. This way, your enthusiasm to play your favourite rummy will never fade away.
  5. Nowadays, people are living far away from their loved ones,mostly due to work-related matter. This has become a common cause of occurrence and is unavoidable.As the game of rummy keep you entertained throughout the session, it’s good for those who spend their time alone and taking stress. When the mind is calm, it will focus on more lucrative things.

The Crux

Now that you know how rummy boosts the mental prowess of rummy players, why not take a regular tonic of the game using your Smartphone. For those who aren’t aware of rummy’s online avatar, yes, rummy is now available online. Want to dive yourself to the world of powerful mind booster game? Get connected with lakhs of Indian players on India’s Most Loved Rummy Site – Rummy Passion. There’s no rocket science to get started. All you need to do is to install an app, register yourself and head straight to the tables to play online rummy. There are three different variants you can play,and the availability to play is 24X7. Also, the site proffers both free and cash games. So, it’s up to you, which one interests you the most.

Happy Rummy Games!

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