The Details in Sports Betting That you Can Be So Sure About

By default, The 먹튀 sites like Betfair do not display the commissions deducted from your winnings. To display them, you must go to Setting> Main> Profit & Loss and check the ” Display net of commission ” box.

Betfair Exchange Setting Display Commission Guide

Thus, with this trading account, for a Lay of $ 100, the gains will be $ 93.50, or 6.5% of commission.

Betfair Points

Betfair also offers an offer of Betfair Points intended to reduce your commission rate depending on the use you make of the service. The more you bet, the more points you receive and the less you pay in commissions.

However, this system is not as advantageous as it seems, the sums to play are considerable and the conditions are far from optimal for the average gambler. While it’s good to know, don’t let that confuse you. What is important is that you first learn how betting exchanges work to start winning!

Credit your Betfair account

How to credit a Betfair account? Nothing’s easier.

Once your account has been created, simply click on the “Deposit” button at the top right.

Betfair Exchange Deposit Guide

All you have to do is choose your deposit method.

Betfair Exchange Setting Deposit Methods Guide

You will then be offered all the available payment methods. Either the credit card or an alternative payment method ( Alternative Methods ) like: Skrill , Neteller , Bank Transfer , AstroPay , Qiwi. The minimum amount by credit card is $ 10 / € / £, but $ 20 / € / £ via an alternative method.

How to contact Betfair?

If you need to contact Betfair at any time . There are several methods. In all cases, you must communicate in a language other than French, a priori English.

Betfair Exchange Support Client Guide

The ” Help ” tab is provided for that, or directly by clicking in the link. The easiest and quickest method is to go through the Live-Chat . You can also do this by phone or Twitter.

The Betfair Promotion tab

As a new registrant, you are likely to be able to benefit from a Welcome offer, so enjoy it as well.

Betfair Exchange Promotion Guide

The amount and conditions depend both on the offer at the time, but also on the country of residence. Other offers are launched throughout the year via the Promotion tab, both on the Exchange but also on the Sportbook . Take a look before placing your first bets and come back from time to time.

You now have all the theoretical knowledge to master the Betfair interface. This opens the doors to sport trading and matched betting. No matter which betting exchange you use: Betfair , Matchbook , Betdaq, or Smarkets , the logic remains the same.


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