The main types of tennis bets

Betting on the result of the match is the most popular type of tennis bet, and as you probably already know, you have to predict the winner of the match.

Set bets

This category could include several types of bets such as: set winner, total number of sets, 먹튀 검증 handicap bets on sets and more.

Game betting at most top online bookmakers you will find live odds for each point in a game. These are the essential categories of tennis betting, depending on each bookmaker, however, the offer may be poorer or richer, but in general for these 3 types, match result, bets on sets and games, you will find betting odds at any agency.

Analysis of a tennis match – what you need to consider before placing a bet

  • Playing surface – one of the essential factors to keep in mind when analyzing a match.
  • Hard Surface – two of the Grand Slam tournaments of the competition season are played on such a surface. The players with a strong service and who hit the ball on the rise have an advantage. Being a hard surface, injuries during a match can occur more often, as the pressure on the joints is higher.
  • Clay – Roland Garros is the only Grand Slam tournament played on clay. This is a slower surface that benefits players who use a lot of effect and do not make many unforced mistakes.
  • Grass – The grass season lasts about 5 weeks and includes the Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament. It is an area that benefits the service-flight strategy.
  • Hall – in many ways it is similar to the hard surface, favoring the same type of players with strong service.
  • Player position in the hierarchy – there are top players who do not have convincing performance on certain types of surfaces. Thus, before the match it is recommended to make a complex analysis and not rely only on the current position of a certain player in the ATP or WTA hierarchy.
  • Player motivation – can influence the score in a decisive way in many situations. In addition to the financial motivation and the number of points with which the tournament is equipped, a higher motivation can be given by the following aspects: additional motivation for players at a tournament in their home country, public support, the current phase of the tournament and much more.

Best Solution

Direct confrontations between players, there are many examples of top players who do not perform as they normally do, with certain players from whom they are even separated by dozens of positions. One explanation would be that of the awkward style practiced, which does not allow the favorite player to display his usual game.

The shape of the moment  – another essential aspect that can influence a tennis match decisively. Regardless of the position in the hierarchy, the current form affects all players positively or negatively.

Statistics  – nothing will give you a more complete picture of a match than numbers. Statistics on the number of aces, the percentage of successes in the first service, unforced mistakes, winning returns and much more.

Tennis betting strategies

We have published a lot of articles already on the site about each tennis betting strategy, but we especially recommend the following 3 articles to better master this sport and to see exactly how each betting scheme applies:

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Tennis betting is a science, with its own formulas, constant, variable and unknown – as in the case of any sports betting, the same universally valid rule applies – there are no safe bets! Therefore, we recommend that you bet responsibly. Do not bet on any predictions or tips you find on the internet on betting prediction sites before passing the information through the personal thought filter. 

In this article we have presented only the basics, but to move to the next stage you need your own experience.

Don’t forget that we have also published a guide for sports betting with the idea of ​​gathering all the information in one place, sprinkled at the same time with a vast personal experience and which we advise you to consult whenever you need advice, an idea, a dissatisfaction or any problem related to betting in general. 


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